Frequently Asked Questions - Members FAQ

FAQs - Members FAQ
How much to pay for your tips membership?
We offer single tips-by-tips membership, for £88 GBP for Bookmakers Tips and £68 GBP Underground Tips. Discounts may be given for purchases over 10 tips, ask us for more information.
Do you offer any kind of guarantee?
Yes of course! If you do not achieve profit from your purchased tips, you will receive 2 replacement tips free of charge. Free tips are automatically sent on the following match days, at the discretion of the service provider. We regret that we do not allow members to select the free tips matches, to ensure all members receive their free tips accordingly.
Can I request for a free trial tips?
We regret that we are unable to provide any free trial tips at this moment. Should you find that our results are not satisfactory, we suggest you keep monitoring our results until you are convinced. Those who ask for free trial tips rarely purchase tips.
Can I pay using bank transfer or Western Union?
We strongly encourage online payments by credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Moneybookers. However, to accommodate more members, we are open to accepting other form of payments. Please contact our customer service officers for more information.
Which odds are your tips based on?
All our tips are based only on the popular Asian Handicap Odds. All odds are obtained directly from Ladbrokes and William Hill, two of the most established and largest Asian Handicap Odds bookmaker in the UK.
After making payment, what should I do?
Please login to your account to access the tips on site IMMEDIATELY. Unlike other service providers where you need to send them your mobile number, we provide INSTANT access after your payment has been approved. This allow you to make a late decision on your purchase.
I have more questions?
Our customer support team will be happy to answer any queries about our services. Contact us here.

Exclusive Tips Selections

UK Insiders tips are divided into Underground Tips (75% Hit Rates) and Bookmakers Tips (80% Hit Rates). 1) Underground Tips @ £68 each 2) Bookmakers Tips @ £88 each 3) Both Tips @ £138 both

100% Genuine Track Records

All of our past records are monitored by you, the members. We don't need a third-party scam to monitor, as our own members keep our past records in check. In fact, we keep all of our past records available to the public so you can see for yourself.